The Loughton Festival 2017 - 2018 Programme draft
The Loughton Festival 2017 - Heritage, Literature, Arts & Culture

Loughton Festival events will run exclusively over the weekends of
12 / 13 May and 19 / 20 May. 

Associated events may be included, by agreement as long as the organisers agree to raise money for our charities. 

Sunday 13 May, the Loughton Festival walk

Saturday 19 May, 7.30 The Essex Youth Jazz Orchestra (EYJO) at the Loughton Methodist Church.  Under the direction of Martin Hathaway has directed the EYJO since 1991 and is one of the country’s leading jazz musicians. 

Sunday 20 May, 3pm Loughton Showcase music and dance from Loughton's Performance Schools. 

19 May - 2 June  Loughton Art Trail 

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